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We offer 5 different maintenance plans for you to choose from for your irrigation system.  You may have the system checked Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-annually or Annually.  There is never a contract to sign ever.  All plans are strictly up to the customers needs and can be started and stopped at the customers discretion.  We can customize a plan for your specific needs if necessary.

On each check-up the service representative will check the entire system for broken heads and replace them as needed.  He will check for leaks such as broken underground pipes and fittings and make all necessary repairs as needed.  He will lower or raise any heads as needed.  If you need to add, remove or relocate heads for any reason then that will be done.  After repairs are made, he will adjust any heads as needed for proper coverage.  He will then check the controller (timer) and set it for the correct time and watering schedule for your property.

Unless the system is in complete disrepair, most properties require only minimal minor adjustments to the heads and controller to keep it in proper operating condition.

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